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#BMBTL14 is a conference  on resuscitation that focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to bring your critically ill patients…back to life !

With cutting edge topics and a world class faculty, the conferences will be packed with clinical pearls and only the stuff that matters !

Ventilation, sepsis, advanced trauma, volume assessment, medications, fluids, bedside ultrasound, ECMO  and much more…don’t miss this amazing event !



8:00am / Inscription




Laurent Vanier


Kick off !

8:30am - 9:00am

Why is my patient in shock?


Lanctot & Valois


  1. Understand the physiology of shock
  2. Know the different tools that allow to assess undifferentiated shock
  3. Understand how to integrate ultrasound in that context


Advanced cardiac ultrasound


Mike Mallin


  1. Understand how to assess LV function
  2. Understand the role of ultrasound in cardiac arrest
  3. Know the basic approach to valvular problems
  4. Understand the role of point-of-care TEE in the emergent setting

9:40am - 10:10am

Volume assessment




  1. Describe various techniques for using ultrasound to assess volume responsiveness
  2. Understand the pros and cons of different ultrasound techniques for assessing volume responsiveness
  3. Have an understanding for how to integrate ultrasound volume responsiveness imaging techniques into clinical practice
Break: 30 min

10:40am - 11:10am

Pregnant and obese patients going south




  1. Understand the physiologic consequences of pregnancy and obesity
  2. Understand how pregnancy impacts the management of unstable patients
  3. Understand how obesity impacts the management of unstable patients

11:15am - 11:45am

Doctor, will he make it?




  1. Understand the limitations of prognostication
  2. Identify common pitfalls  in establishing the prognosis of a critically ill patient

11:50am - 12:20pm

Crashing trauma patient part I




  1. Gain an understanding of REBOA for crashing trauma patients
  2. Integrate new data on the coagulopathy of trauma
  3. Appreciate new evidence on factor based resuscitation

12:20pm - 1:20pm / Lunch

1:20pm - 1:50pm

Trauma patient part II (ultrasound)


Dawson & Mallin


  1. Describe how to integrate multiple organ systems to guide treatment in a shocked trauma patient.
  2. Learn how to use ultrasound as an adjunct for procedures and acute pain management
  3. Evaluate the trauma patient for MSK injuries such as dislocation and fracture.

1:55pm - 2:25pm

Ventilating the difficult patient




  1. Recognizing the difficult ventilation patient rapidly
  2. Understanding the physiology of oxygenation and the use of PEEP
  3. Recognizing the need for and overview of advanced/alternate life support systems

2:30pm - 3:00pm

Massive PE




  1. Appreciate the literature behind the treatment of massive PE
  2. Understand the diagnostic pitfalls
  3. Know a simplified approach to massive and sub-massive PE

3:15pm - 3:45pm

He’s septic!




  1. Review current guidelines in sepsis management
  2. Understand the key concepts related to sepsis physiology
  3. Identify potential pitfalls in sepsis management

3:50pm - 4:20pm

The Aftermath: Peri/post-arrest care 2014




  1. Understand Current Exceptional Peri-Arrest Resuscitative Strategies?
  2. Understand Optimal Post-arrest hemodynamic management?
  3. Understand Novel Future Approaches to Resuscitation?
  4. Understand Current Dilemma in Hypothermic Management

4:25pm - 4:55pm





  1. Understand Recent Innovations in Resuscitation
  2. Understand Procedural Steps to ECMO initiation
  3. Review Current Literature Concerning ECMO use in Cardiac Arrest
  4. Understand ECMO's role in Future of Resuscitation


Make sure to get some sleep before the party!


Don't miss this amazing event



Haney Mallemat

Haney Mallemat

Boarded emergency physician, internist, intensivist, echocardiographer…need we say more ?

Scott Weingart

Scott Weingart

If you don’t know this man you are : 1. in a coma 2. Not an ER doc. We suggest if this is the case you go to

Vicki Noble

Vicki Noble

Known in the ultrasound world as « Queen Vicki ». When you hear her talk, you’ll know why.

Matt Dawson

Matt Dawson

Co-creator of the famous Ultrasound podcast and the Ultrasound Leadership Academy. Brilliant man…although he speaks funny.

Mike Mallin

Mike Mallin

Helped redefine the way bedside ultrasound was taught. Go to Ultrasound Podcast or Ultrasound Leadership Academy if you need proof.

Zack Shinar

Zack Shinar

Not just an handsome boy, but also a regular collaborator on emrap…

Joe Bellezzo

Joe Bellezzo

This name rimes with ECMO, literally.

Jean-François Lanctôt

Jean-François Lanctôt

Co-founder EGLS and BMBTL, invited himself despite objections by Maxime.

Maxime Valois

Maxime Valois

Co-founder EGLS and BMBTL, invited himself despite objections by Jean-François.

Pierre Pascual

Pierre Pascual

Frenchmen and philosopher…an explosive mix.

(No clue to what twitter is..)

Philippe Rola

Philippe Rola

The only Ultimate fighting intensivist we know. Co-founder of CCUS institute and blogger : thinking critical care.

Frédéric Lemaire

Frédéric Lemaire

He's the New Kid on the Block ... and not going anywhere soon !

André Denault

André Denault

Internist, Intensivist, Anesthesiologist, physiologist

We'll stop there...

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